June Nationals Prediction

The First Ladies of Baseball and I continued our new tradition of monthly predictions of how the Nats will do. The lovely ladies got their half up while I was buy running the C&O canal (more on that later). Today, I’ll wrap things up.

Yankees (vs June 15-17)

Drew: This year’s Yankees don’t feel as imposing as say the Os or Marlins. But they should scare the pants off of Nationals fans. They’ve got top of the league offensive numbers and the only weakness of their pitching staff has been the long ball. With the Nats mediocre power, I’m not sure this series is going to go the Nat’s way. Those Damn Yankees wil probably take 2 of 3 from us.

Maggie: The Yankees are a team that scares me. It’s partly because they have such a history of winning, and partly because they are “the” New York team and seem to be able to buy players and wins. But this year they aren’t as dominant as they have been in the past, and considering the Nats are taking them on at home (in a region that has historic dislike of the Yankees due to divisional rivalry with O’s fans), I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say the Nats take 2. (2-1)

Rays (vs June 19-21)

Drew: This series excites me. I like all the moves Joe Maddon has made and the team seems to be playing like they love the game. I can’t wait to see them play on the 20th. That being said, they Rays are playing like they belong atop the AL East. They’re pitching is almost as good as the Nats and their offense is performing just a bit better. I’m seeing the same thing as Maggie, with a mid-month slump and going 1-2 against the Rays.

Maggie: This is where I see the Nats slumping a bit. Mid June, about to head out on a long road trip, and playing a strong Tampa Bay team. If the Nats get one here, I’ll be happy, but I have a feeling all three games will be tough. (1-2)

Orioles (@ June 22-24)

Drew: The battle of the beltways didn’t end up the way I wanted it (or predicted it for that matter). Everything I said last time about the Os still holds true. They’re really much close to a .500 than a first place team. The Nat’s seem to have more offense now then they showed in the first series and will be getting some key players back. I’ve got a good feeling about this one I’m going to say 2-1 Nats get revenge.

Maggie: Who would have thought that both the Orioles and Nationals would still be kicking around at the top of their respective leagues two months in? In any case, I don’t think the Nats can count on them to slump after two months of consistent play, and considering that we only took one game at home, I’m guessing that there will be a sweep happening…but it will be the O’s fans breaking out the brooms. (0-3)

Rockies (@ June 25-28)

Drew: I’m going with Maggie on this one. The Rockies are terrible. Grade A bad. I really can’t see them taking a lot from the Nats. Most importantly, they just released Jamie Moyer so they don’t even have a feel good story. I’m going to be bold and predict a sweep here. Take that NL West.

Maggie: As Nats fans, I have a feeling this series will be our only real relief this month. The Rockies are sitting near the bottom of the AL West, and just ripe for the picking, if possible. But since the Nats are a team that hasn’t really been able to close out series this year, I think they win all but one (and likely lose either the first or last game). (3-1)

[For the last series of the month, see the first post where we discuss the Nats taking on the Braves].

Final Predicted Records for June (including July 1 game):
Drew: 17-11
Maggie: 15-13