Baseball Data

Whenever I give a baseball number, it’s probably not going to exactly line up with Fangraphs, Beyond the Box Score, Hardball times, BB reference, or any other major sabermetrics sites.  I crunch the numbers in my spare time and only have access to what is made publicly available in an easy to use format.  I try as hard as I can to get them right but some of the more advanced stats require data I can’t easily get.   Here are a list of known issues with my #s:

Weighted On-Base Average (wOBA) and all derived stats:  I have very limited access to reached base on error (RBOE) numbers. As such, my numbers will be a little bit off.  For the time being, my wRAA stas are way off too. Currently working on fixing this.  If anyone knows of a reliable way to get these values or has any suggestions on how to improve my accuracy, drop me a line.  I’m all ears.

Park Adjustments: I don’t have a great way to do this either. I’ve got the data but I haven’t found a reliable way to work with it. I’ll post more on this as it comes around.

Other stats: as I said above, I try my best to get things right but I’m probably going to make mistakes. Let me know if there appear to be systematic errors and I’ll try and correct them.

For primers on wOBA and weighted Runs Above Average (wRAA), probably the two stats I’ll use the most, see:

Fagraphs wOBA

The book wOBA

Fan Graphs wRAA

Where I get my Data Fantastic site and community that provides play-by-play accounts by third of an inning.

Baseball-databank: Great DB for player specific stats. Another super helpful community and great site for getting information.

Any other databases I should know about or use? I’m always looking for new ideas.