Taste Testing Pt. 1

Probably going to be doing a series of taste test posts.  I am not going to be covering Vegemite. Too much has been said, written, tasted, and discussed about it.  However, there are plenty more awesome foods in Australia that we can’t get in the states. Through my first month, here are the stand outs.

Jim Beam & Cola: The bottle looks a little stubbier than real life but this is available at ever bar I’ve been to. Retails for ~$5 per 375ml can (~$8/bottle at a bar).  The taste is pretty good. A bit on the sweet side but not terrible.  Definitely smells like a bourbon and coke. If this were a blind taste test I would have actually been fooled.  However, at 4.8% ABV it’s a tough call. Do you need your bourbon & coke fix badly enough to pay ~$20 for a real mixed drink or can you fool yourself into thinking this is the real thing.  Personally, the best bet is to bring a flask along and top this off with some Beam after a few sips.

If whiskey is more your style, you can get Gentleman Jack & cola in the same package.  Slightly more expensive, slightly higher ABV, still not sure if it’s worth it.  For comparison, 700ml of GJ will run you around $55.

Angostura Lemon, Lime and Bitters: Tastes like sprite/7up with a bit of an of a orange kick.  I greatly prefer to mix a bunch of bitters with some club soda and enjoy that.  There’s simply too much sugar in this to make it worthwhile.

Flame Grilled Steak chips: America has fairly tame chip choices. We’re missing prawn and a bunch of other flavors. I do have to report that this bag largely lives up to its name.  These chips definitely have a steaky/meaty taste to them. I don’t want to know how they achieve that.  There’s a little steak sauce tossed in for good measure.  The chips themselves, despite the “Extra Crunchy” label, are about the same as regular lays. Maybe an ooch thicker. Not much.

The only flavor here that I have yet to find a good substitute for is sweet chili (sometimes sweet Thai chili). At first blush it’s almost a tangy BBQ flavor. But it’s got a sweetness that doesn’t fit with most BBQ sauce.  It’s also got more kick.  The Crunchess and I have decided that it’s our fall back flavor for almost anything.

That’s it for this round. I’ll have more soon.